Water Main Repair

Water Main Repair

Serving Rexburg, Idaho and surrounding communities

It is every company's and homeowner's best interest to keep an eye on their water line. If a water line is broken, clogged or breached, it could cause serious damage to your home or business facility, possibly even cause serious damage to the the street or neighboring parking lot. If your water line is under duress, give our experts at All About Home Repair a call now. We will happily come to your home or business and promptly carry out the proper maintenance to this time-sensitive issue.

How to protect your pipes from freezing?

When the cold weather sets in this winter, follow these four tips to prevent your pipes from freezing:

  1. Keep your thermostat set above 60° F
  2. Allow a faucet to drip occasionally
  3. Apply heating tape to your pipes
  4. Have a professional inspect your pipes to make sure there is no damage

If your home has frozen pipes in Rexburg, ID, don’t wait until they burst. Call All About Home Repair today for water line repairs.

Keep this in mind

What is a water main?

Water mains are systems that give your home or business access to the public water supply. Although this system is underground and may seem hard to monitor, look for areas of wet or soggy ground.

How old is your plumbing?

The older your water main, the more likely cracks and leaks might occur. Small breaches can turn into large breaches quickly. Keep an eye on the status of the ground surrounding the water main in case it were to become soggy or wet.

How high is your water bill?

One way to recognize a possible break in your water main is if your water bill goes up. If your water bill has suddenly skyrocketed over the last month, yet your water usage is about the same, it could mean that there is a breach in the system.

Look for those puddles and water formations around your home. If the water main has broken and there is not water around the line itself, it will certainly fill up around your home.