Find Out What’s Blocking Your Pipes

We use a sewer camera to find the problem in Rexburg, ID

When you have blocked drain pipes, you don’t have to wonder what the issue is. All About Home Repair offers sewer pipe camera services to discover the problem. We can identify if your drain troubles are caused by:

  • A clogged pipe
  • A broken pipe
  • A tree limb

The advantage of using a sewer camera is that you don’t have to dig up your yard until it’s confirmed to be necessary. We will be able to tell if you need a new pipe or a patch or if it’s a blockage that can be cleared. Call 208-359-2247 today to schedule a sewer scope in the Rexburg, ID area.

Discover potential problems in your pipes

Discover potential problems in your pipes

By obtaining images from a sewer camera, we are able to provide you with a more accurate repair estimate. We’ll also be able to pinpoint the location of the problem, instead of having to dig up your entire yard to search for it. The camera can also be used to spot potential problems that should be repaired before they cause a larger issue. Find out what’s wrong with your pipes by contacting All About Home Repair today.